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Are you looking for your dream Porsche? Then Ferdineo is the right place for you, a marketplace by and for Porsche enthusiasts. We know what it takes to buy a Porsche. Grown from the PFF, the large and independent Porsche community with over 240,000 users, Ferdineo represents the next step. An independent Porsche market that is geared towards Porsche buyers. No matter if classic or youngtimer, original or unique, every Porsche is special and has to fit to you.

The Porsche myth

What makes a Porsche special for us? There is certainly no general answer to this question. Behind every Porsche there is its own history, its own development. There is also talk of the "Porsche virus", which has overtaken every Porsche enthusiast at some point. Usually at a young age, the encounter with a Porsche never lets us go. But what is the special appeal of a Porsche? Porsche itself speaks of the special "Porsche DNA", which has been recognisable through all developments and all models for decades. This DNA, or recognition value, is what connects us with Porsche. We immediately recognise a Porsche as such - the side line, the bonnet in conjunction with the flared front wings, these are just some of the details that also make each subsequent Porsche generation immediately familiar to us.

In addition, it is of course also the racing successes, the efficiency and also a certain Swabian down-to-earthness - quite independently of all the luxury that Porsche now also offers - that fascinates us about the brand. A Porsche is something special, but on the other hand also something with everyday utility. An automotive companion for individual mobility and thus freedom.

Challenges when buying a Porsche

Through the PFF and many conversations with like-minded people, we are aware of the challenges of buying a Porsche. At the top of the list is trust - this is also the point that we at Ferdineo always want to develop further. The possibility of linking Ferdineo and the PFF makes sellers recognisable as PFF members. Of course, it is possible to sell a Porsche on Ferdineo without being a member of the PFF, but the ability to link to individual PFF users creates valuable trust.

In addition, Ferdineo offers all the parameters in the search that are specific to Porsche. Are you looking for a 997 with full leather, Sport Chrono and PDK? Or rather a 718 Cayman GTS with folding bucket seats and a manual gearbox? Or would you prefer a 911 F Targa with a plastic rear window? All this can be defined during the search, we have adapted Ferdineo to the special needs in the search for the right Porsche. And you can be sure that we will continue to develop the platform so that it fits even better.

Good luck in your search for your Porsche!