What is Ferdineo?

Ferdineo is a marketplace dedicated exclusively to Porsche vehicles and parts. It was launched at the end of August 2022 and has its origins in the free Porsche community PFF, which comprises about 60% of Porsche drivers in Germany. Our goal is to simplify the trade with Porsche vehicles and also Porsche parts. In doing so, we are still at the beginning of our journey. We have a lot of ideas and will implement them bit by bit.

Are there any fees for listing and buying on Ferdineo?

Ferdineo is free of charge. Of course, a project of this size requires some time and finances, so there will be extra services with extra fees in the future. However, this is not yet concrete and still a long way off.

How can I create an ad?

First of all, you have to register at Ferdineo. With this account, it is possible to contact sellers and respond to advertisements. In order to place ads yourself, the account must be activated for sale. To do this, click on "Sell" in the menu and then enter your address. After a manual check, which is usually carried out promptly, the account is suitable for sale. Then you have to click on "Sell" in the menu again to follow the further steps.

Please note: After an advertisement has been placed, it is still checked manually by us. Only after this check is the ad visible and listed in the marketplace.

How can I contact a seller?

We have deliberately chosen to contact sellers only by message. This way, information can be exchanged in the first step and, if necessary, further contact details can be provided. However, you are free to specify more contact options in the text of your ad if you expressly wish to do so.

I would like to edit, pause or delete my ad afterwards

You can manage your advertisements in your own area. This can be reached via the member menu on the right by clicking on "My ads". Each ad is one line in the listing, via "Options" on the right the ad can be edited or deleted. Via "edit" you can change the status from "available" to reserved or from "visible" to "not visible (draft)". The drafts are a sub-menu item of "My ads". All ads that are not live can be found here.

Connection with PFF

The user account can be linked to the account in the PFF. This way you can see for each ad whether the seller is also registered in PFF. This provides additional information, which is certainly helpful when making a purchase. The connection to the PFF, if available, can be seen at the end of the ad. To connect your account in Ferdineo to the PFF, you have to follow the instructions on this page.