Buyer's guide Porsche 991 Carrera: The best 911?

Buyer's guide Porsche 991 Carrera: The best 911?

What to look for when buying a Porsche 991

The 991 was unveiled in 2011 at the IAA in Frankfurt. Compared to its predecessor, the 997 model, the 991 has been very elaborately redeveloped. Thus, up to 90% of new parts have been installed, some previous model generations had more similarity with the predecessors.

Is the 991 the last "real" 911?

The fact is, the 991 is the last 911 built before VW took over. Does that make it the last "real" 911? The fan community has been arguing about this question for a very long time. For some, the last real 911 is the 911 G model, for others the 993, and for others the 997. So there is no answer to this question. One thing is certain, however: every Porsche contributes to the "Porsche myth" and has within it the unmistakable "Porsche DNA."

Larger, flatter and more modern: the Porsche 991

Each new generation visibly increases in size. Handling improves, the wheelbase becomes longer, and the 911 becomes more stretched overall. But even though the 991 is bigger than its 997 predecessor, the homework in lightweight design has been done with flying colors. The 991 is lighter than the 997.

991 Targa back with fixed bar

A sensation is certainly the "Targa" variant on the Porsche 991. Originally, the first Urtyp Targa had a fixed bracket. The Targa is a very aesthetic compromise between coupe and convertible. In the 993, 996 and 997 models, the Targa was further developed into a kind of "XXL sunroof". Due to the comfort of an automatic roof opening, one had chosen this way. The Porsche 991 brings back the classic fixed bar design in combination with a sophisticated automatic roof construction. It's no surprise, then, that the 991 Targa is one of the most popular and price-stable models within the 991 range.

Which 991 Carrera should it be?

As is always the case when buying a Porsche, for maximum performance you should choose the rear-wheel-drive coupe, which gives you a lightweight and very high-performance 911 model. For connoisseurs, the 991 Targa or the Cabrio are recommended. When it comes to the transmission, enthusiasts opt for the manual gearbox, but the automatic dual-clutch PDK has long since established itself in everyday use. If you need additional traction, go for the Carrera 4 model with all-wheel drive. Our tip: A Porsche 991 Carrera 2 Coupé with manual transmission. In our opinion, the Carrera S model is not absolutely necessary. The 991 has sufficient power even as a "non S". On the contrary, the deliberate handling of the engine and the high revving is what makes it so appealing. The 991 is an absolutely everyday 911 with a lot of potential to soon become a classic.