Porsche 944 buying advice: A Porsche classic

Porsche 944 buying advice: A Porsche classic

Why you should buy the Porsche 944 now

The Porsche 944 is truly no longer an insider tip. If you could still find many bargains in the two-thousand years, these times are definitely over. Almost one would like to say deservedly or luckily, because the Porsche 944 was traded very long clearly under value. At the same time, almost 200,000 units of the type 944 were built, making the transaxle Porsche a successful model at Porsche.

Four-cylinder and front-engine: the 944 did not have it easy

But for what reason did the price increase for the 944 start so late? There are several reasons. One main reason is certainly that the 944 is not a 911. The engine in the front, the transmission in the rear and a transaxle tube in between to get the power transmission from the front to the rear wheels. As if that wasn't enough, a four-cylinder engine was used instead of a six-cylinder. Incidentally, one of the most powerful four-cylinder ever built with 2.5 liters of displacement.

The Transaxle Porsche family

There were several models of the Transaxle type at Porsche: it had begun with the Porsche 924, a joint effort between Volkswagen and Porsche, which was finally implemented by Porsche alone. In the HighEnd range stands the Porsche 928, which was settled with a V8 engine even above the Porsche 911 at its time. The Porsche 944 was the further development of the 924 at the beginning of the 80's. At the beginning of the nineties, the 944 was replaced by its successor 968.

Which Porsche 944 to buy?

Our tip: the Porsche 944 S2 as a coupe and manual. This is a four-cylinder with 3 l displacement and thus more than sufficient power. In the naturally aspirated version, the 944 S2 is very controlled to drive. Due to the large displacement, it has sufficient torque even in the lower rpm range. The 944 Turbo with its 2.5 liter turbo engine and the resulting "turbo lag" is a bit more difficult to drive. Prices have risen sharply for all Porsche 944s over the last 10 years. Still, you get a Porsche classic at a still acceptable price. Clear buy recommendation!